Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home with Fall Decor

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Fall decor is a special type of decor, it welcomes a new chapter and brings excitement for what is to come. It invites warmth into your home during a time when we welcome a new season full of intention. As the days grow shorter, the nights cooler and children go back to school most of us fall back into an easy routine. We balance spending time outdoors enjoying the crisp autumn air and time indoors cozying up with warm blankets. We take time to give thanks with friends and family, dine and celebrate holidays. Fall is a season that welcomes us with its familiarity. The routine of it all, knowing what the season will bring, welcomes nostalgic memories and excites us for crisp cool air, the smell of autumn leaves, and the sight of pumpkins beginning to appear on doorsteps.

Of all the activities that autumn brings, a favourite of mine is decorating for fall. The simple act signifies the end of one season and welcoming of the next. It never seems to be anything extravagant. A festive table runner adorns our dining room table, dried florals make an appearance in our hallway, a thicker throw moves it way onto the sofa, and some seasonal ornaments decorate our home. With each new year, it seems a few new decorations magically appear in our home. Fall decor simply seems to be a classic and timeless style. In this post we discuss easy ways to decorate some of the main living spaces in your home for fall. Read on below by clicking on a section to expand.

Fall Decor

Front Door & Exterior

I live in a condo, which sometimes leads to a stab of nostalgic pain at the thought of not being able to decorate the front of a home for fall. However, I believe that after working 8+ years for Sheridan Nurseries in my youth I am well equipped to share decorating advice for the exterior of your home. Below are 3 easy ways to decorate the exterior of your homeas you welcome fall. The best piece of of advice I can offer is to layer your fall decor with different heights, textures and complimenting colours.

Wreaths & Swags

Wreaths and swags are eye catching front door adornments. They can easily be seen from far away and add pops of colour and vibrance. To save on expenses, look for everlasting wreaths that can be used for years to come. If you have a glass door, hang your wreaths using these giant suction wreath holder hooks which won’t scratch the glass. After the season is over, store them in wreath bags to protect the faux foliage and colour. Below are my top picks from Amazon that won’t break the bank.

Flowers & Foliage

An easy was to incorporate fall decor into the exterior of your home is to add annual planters. Swap out your summer annuals for fall ones! Tried and true classic annuals for fall include: chrysanthemums, purple fountain grass, pansies, flowering kale, asters and dianthus. If you don’t happen to have much of a green thumb, measure the diameter of planters and look for preassembled planter inserts. This way you can easily change your summer planter for a fall one.

Other Outdoor Pieces

Just like a fall outfit, the exterior of your home should have layers of decor. To create the perfect fall ambiance, layer a variety of items that have different heights, colours and textures. Extra pieces that you can easily incorporate into the exterior of your home include, pumpkins, gourds, bundles of hay, corn stalks, scarecrows and seasonal welcome mats.


Your entryway is the next area to welcome you and your guests. I like incorporating seasonal fall scents that are warm and inviting, adding fall foliage, and changing a few photos that I have on display in my entryway. 

Fall Scents

Fall scents always seem so comforting. It’s not always feasible to have a candle lit, instead I like to opt for a wall diffuser. Although I’m not a big fan of the product aesthetics offered by Bath and Body Works, I do enjoy some of the seasonal wallflower plugs they offer. This year I purchased 3, and one scent. I chose Caramel Pumpkin Swirl which envelopes you with an inviting embrace and may even trick a few into thinking I’ve been baking all afternoon. 

Dried Florals

With each new season I like to spruce up my space with some faux foliage/flowers. I have 3 vases that came with faux plants that I switch as the seasons change. Depending on the size of the vessel and flowers, I like to place these either in my entryway or on my mantle. Some of the best places to look for these finds are:

  • HomeSense/ Marshalls/ Winners, 
  • Ikea, and
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Seasonal Photographs

A quick and easy way I like to transition from one season to the next is to print photographs from the previous year during the same season. It feels as though every year we make new memories by going on a nature hike, visiting a pumpkin patch, or picking fall flowers from a field. Putting these photos on display is just another way to bring the outdoors in.

Kitchen & Dining

The kitchen and dining areas are my favourite spots to decorate for fall because it’s so simple! In the dining room, I add a festive table runner and centrepiece. This year I added potpourri to a crystal bowl which sits atop a white marble lazy suzan adorned with napkins and coasters. If potpourri isn’t for you, create a fall centrepiece by using a beautiful large bowl and filling it with real or faux small pumpkins, gourds, acorns, or pinecones. It’s yet another simple way of bringing the outdoors in and adds colour and texture to your table. I love these small, white artificial pumpkins that range from 2-4 inches in diameter.

In the kitchen I like to keep fresh flowers or foliage on my island, add festive dish cloths and if I know company is coming I’ll buy dessert and have it sitting on a cake stand. Below are some of my favourite finds for fall from Amazon for your kitchen and dining room.

Living Room

When decorating your home for fall it’s not necessary to have trinkets absolutely everywhere. Keep it simple and create an inviting living room space by swapping out lighter throws for heavier ones. A wool or knit throw is a beautiful piece to keep on display and will keep you warm on cooler evenings. Other easy swaps for your living room include changing your throw pillow covers or coffee table books. Amazon has so many choices when it comes to these fall decor trends! Below are a few of my favourite fall decor pieces from Amazon.

Powder Room

If you’re expecting guests throughout the season, you may also like to update the decor in your powder room. Like most other spaces it’s pleasant to add fall scent. Other fall decor trends include changing out your hand soap for something seasonally fitting. I found a beautiful glass pumpkin soap dispenser from Winners. Hand soaps, lotions and new hand towels are all easy and low budget ways to decorate your powder room for the fall. 

Fall Decor

Have you thought about decorating your home for fall yet? When do you usually make the transition? I may have used this post as my excuse to decorate early this year (an Instagram Reel may have also been involved). I’d love to know about your fall decor, comment below for what you’re most looking forward to decorating.