Fall Skincare Tips & Essentials You Need to Know

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As the seasons change from warmer weather to cooler temperatures, we should also welcome a change in our skincare routine. Enter Fall Skincare. We already know that skincare is not a one size fits all. You may naturally have oily, dry or combination skin, but did you know that cooler weather in the fall and winter, along with other elements can affect your skin and what you experience? Cooler temperatures, harsh winds, dry air and heat all affect even the most perfect complexions. In this article we look at summer to fall skincare, how cold weather affects skin and the type of ritual modifications you can make to your routine in order to keep a happy complexion.  

How Cold Weather Affects Skin

Cooler temperatures and low humidity levels naturally dry out your skin. In addition to this, harsh winds and dry air from our heating our homes can further draw moisture from our skin. If you didn’t quite feel like a raisin yet, did you know that we also drink less water on average during the winter months?

The result? Well, everyone is different, but you may experience dry, flaky or itchy skin, facial redness and even chapped lips. 

How to Care for your Skin in Cooler Weather

There are two aspects to caring for your skin that we will review here. First, there are steps outside of our skincare routine. These are the steps that you can take to increase hydration and minimize the amount of moisture lost in your skin. Secondly, there are skincare ritual modifications that can be made to your routine to create a specific skincare routine for the fall and winter months. 

A note before we dive in: 

If there’s one thing I see too much of, it’s how often individuals change their skincare routine. On a daily basis we are bombarded with images of new skincare products promising a youthful appearance. And, there are many of us that are guilty of trying new trends too often ultimately changing how we care for our skin on a daily basis.

Your skin craves a routine. Any changes made to your ritual should be done carefully with one product at a time, spread over time. Caring for your skin in this manner allows you to properly maintain consistency while also being able to perceive any changes.


Steps to Take

  1. Drink Water // Water keeps you hydrated and helps to maintain your skins elasticity. Those who drink more water are less likely to show signs of wrinkles, soft lines and even scars. Monitor your water intake on daily basis to maintain proper hydration. Aim to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day.

  2.  Avoid Hot Showers // Hot water weakens the skin barrier, strips your skin of essential oils and leads to dry skin. Reduce the temperature of your bath or shower and also the amount of time you take to bathe. Aim for lukewarm short showers and follow by using a body oil or moisturizer within 3 minutes!

  3. Steer Clear of Lip Licking // The skin on your lips is delicate and thin and is often the first to show signs of cold weather damage. The digestive enzymes and bacteria in saliva can further damage your lips. Avoid licking your lips, and instead use a conditioning lip balm.

  4. Humidify Your Environment // Counteract any dry air at home caused by heating devices by investing in a cool air humidifier

Skincare Ritual Modifications

Ideally, your skincare routine should be modified at least 2x per year. Think warm versus cool. There are two ways to determine if it’s time to make a skincare ritual modification. The first is to monitor the weather. If the weather has become cooler consistently, then it is time to review your routine. The second way to determine if a change is necessary is to monitor the signs of your skin. If you are feeling any tightness, oiliness, or rough patches then it is time to make a change. Remember, your skin craves consistency. Ideally, you should have a basic routine that you follow day and night with the same products. 

Let’s look at an example below:

Morning Routine:

  • Double Cleanse
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • Eye Cream
  • SPF

Nighttime Routine:

  • Double Cleanse
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • Eye Cream

When making a ritual modification to my fall skincare routine, I wouldn’t necessarily be changing any steps I take, but rather, changing the products I use. When making changes to your routine, only change one item at a time. As a rule of thumb, wait at least one week before changing another product.

Below are 5 steps that outline a basic routine, with the best fall skincare 2022 has to offer.

Step 1: Double Cleanse

My skin is naturally a combination of dry and oily with a tendency to lean on the more oily side. For the clearest complexion, I double cleanse my skin both morning and night. 

Step 2: Tone to Balance Skins PH

If you skip a toner (ahem, like I used to) stop immediately. Toners have a purpose and your skin will reap the benefits. Your skin has a natural PH level, generally between a 5 and 6. Cleansing your skin can alter this level. Tone immediately after cleansing to restore your skins natural PH. Another added benefit is that a toner adds one extra layer of protection against pollutants.

Step 3: Choose a Serum with Known Benefits

Serums add an extra layer of hydration to our skin while also delivering targeted ingredients to our skin that can aim to improve specific complexion concerns. 

Step 4: Use a Rich Moisturizer to Create a Skin Barrier

Step 5: Don’t forget the Delicate Skin Around Your Eyes

One of the final steps of your skincare routine is to give the skin around your eyes a little extra TLC. Eye creams and gels help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Massage first thing in the morning, and before you go to sleep.  

*Step 6: SPF*

Okay, I know I said this was a five step process but please don’t forget your SPF during the day! SPF will not only add a layer of protection against UVA and UVB Rays, but will also protect against pollutants and harsh winds.

Final Thoughts

When you think back to past winters, can you remember if your skin experienced any changes? If it didn’t, that should tell you that you have an excellent winter skincare routine in place. If you have a hard time remembering, let this be your sign to take note this winter. Pay attention to the subtle changes in your complexion. Look for dryness around the eye area and lips, take notice of any feelings of tightness and check to see if you experience any breakouts that are out of the ordinary. 

If you have any questions about your winter skincare routine, or if you’d just like to chat about skincare leave a comment below or contact me here