How to Build the Perfect Easter Gift Basket

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Easter Basket
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We are well on our way to welcome Spring and of course one of the first celebrations is Easter. Are you ready for the upcoming celebrations? Whether you’re hosting, or visiting others you probably have a gift or two that you need to pick up prior to the big day! 

Last Easter, Georgia was just shy of turning 1. She hadn’t started walking yet and was still too young to hunt for Easter Eggs. Not quite sure what to do, I opted to make an Easter Gift Basket for her. She enjoyed it , and what’s more, I enjoyed making it for her. To be perfectly honest, I love creating a gift basket at any time of the year, no matter what the occasion. I happen to be rather good at it too! This post is all about Easter Gift Basket Ideas. We’re diving into the basics! Read on below for the essentials and everything you need to create the perfect Easter Gift Basket for Adults or for Children and Toddlers. 

Choose Your Easter Basket

First things first, you need a basket. There are a variety of shops where can find a beautiful Easter basket. Below are three suggestions suitable for all! I’ll also clue you in on which option I went with and understanding why will be simple.

  1. You can find durable, beautiful baskets from places like Pottery Barn, HomeSense, Marshalls or Winners. These baskets are an investment, but you’ll be able to use these Easter Gift Baskets for years to come. During the year they make for an excellent toy basket or display piece where you can sneakily hide things. 
    SPECIAL NOTE: If you’ve already bought and prepared your Easter Gift Basket for this year, but are longing to have one of these beautiful baskets, you can always visit one of these stores, or their online websites AFTER Easter is over to look for discounts and sales!


  2. A second option is to visit a Dollar Store and buy a basket that you don’t mind tossing out after Easter. Typically, the items you’ll find at Dollar Stores are made with lower quality materials so you may notice a couple of things. They may not be the best quality, they could easily break, and more likely than not you will have limited colour options and sizes to choose from.
    NOTE: If you choose to go this route you’ll probably be tossing these Easter baskets into the rubbish bin, so it’s not the most environmentally friendly way to go.


  3. Finally, a third option, and one of my favourites, is thrifting. Last year I chose to visit my local thrift store. I felt like I hit gold when I wandered down an aisle that was completely stocked with the most beautiful Easter Baskets. There were vintage baskets of all different shapes and sizes, and my favourite part of all was they were all neutral in colour. I settled on a large beige wicker basket and have used it on multiple occasions since. My total investment was $2. See a photo below!

Easter Basket Filler

You should always include a filler in your gift basket. Filler helps to literally elevate and lift the gift that you’re giving so that it’s within eyesight and not hidden inside of the basket itself. You can find colourful Shredded Easter Grass at Dollar Stores, craft stores, or on Amazon. A good rule of thumb is to buy enough filler so that it is 1/2 – 1″ inch from the rim of your basket.

Easter Gift Basket Ideas & stuffers

What type of gifts and fillers should you include in your Easter Gift Basket? That all depends on the person that you’re giving it to. Something to keep in mind as you purchase items for your Easter basket is to try to stick to coordinating colours to make your gift aesthetically pleasing. Look for items in various sizes, and textures. Find a list of ideas below to help you create the perfect Easter Gift Basket! 

Gift Baskets For Adults

Here are some ideas to help you put together the perfect Easter Gift Basket for Adults.

Gift Baskets Children

Find the perfect gift for the child in your life no matter what their age!

Do you make Easter Gift Baskets? If so, who do you make them for? Has it become a tradition or do you have other traditions that you celebrate year after year? As always, I would love to hear from you in the comments to know what your plans are for Easter.