7 Spooky Ideas for Celebrating Halloween at Home

Reading Time: 4 minutes

No Halloween plans? To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’ve had Halloween plans since my early-twenties and those plans are quite different from what I would consider to be a good time these days. Yet the day still holds a special place in my heart. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of running from door to door trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins or watching Hocus Pocus on repeat as a child. Those activities actually sound more entertaining to me these days. If you’ve come full circle as I have, here are 7 spooky things you can do at home to get you in the Halloween spirit! 


1. Put on some Halloween Music 

Put your self in the Halloween mood by throwing on a good playlist to kick things off. We have two echo dots in our home and I love that I can easily say, “Alexa, turn on the Halloween Station” and my dance party with Georgia can commence. This little invention is my favourite time saver because it’s handsfree, and since we’re Prime Members we also enjoy over 2 million songs add free with Amazon Music. I like the Happy Halloween Playlist curated by Amazon’s Music Experts where you can listen to almost 4 hours of classic and current songs for the ultimate fright night.

2. Carve a Pumpkin 

Hey, I never said this was going to be an original list of things to do this Halloween! Carving pumpkins may not be a groundbreaking idea, but it is tried and true. Pick a fresh pumpkin and give it a bleach bath when you get home to remove any dirt and debris. Order a pumpkin carving kit beforehand to make sure you have all the tools you need. I like this 13 piece professional carving set from Amazon that comes in a carrying case for easy storage after Halloween. Invite a friend over, or a few, and have fun carving pumpkins at home this Halloween. Treat yourself to some toasted pumpkin seeds after you finish!


3. Decorate Your Front Door

When you’re finished carving your pumpkin, don’t forget to add a tea light to the inside and put it by your front door. Then go the extra mile and get yourself in the spirit by creating a front door that even Michael Myers would stay away from. I love these indoor/outdoor 3D Bats, and you can never go wrong with spider webs for that extra spooky effect. Don’t forget to stock up on candy for those trick-or-treaters!

4. Have a Halloween Photoshoot

There’s nothing I love more than a good photoshoot. It really is one of my favourite activities that combines photography, dressing up, spending time with friends and family and generally having a good time! Grab your costumes and plan to take some pictures to capture the memory. Not sure where to take your photos? Well, if you’ve just decorated the front of your home that’s a good starting place. You can also plan to visit a park or hiking trail for some beautiful fall colours and a spooky feel. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, book a photo studio, bring a tripod and practice using the self-timer option. You can capture amazing photos in a studio with almost perfect lighting and have fun with filters later in your editing process to find a spooky feel. Whichever location you choose, have fun and let the creative juices flow!

5. Make a Halloween Food Board

Butter boards seem to be all the rage right now on TikTok, but they’re also a breeding ground for bacteria. So, I’d recommend opting for a regular charcuterie board and dressing it up for Halloween! Click here for a cute pumpkin cheeseball recipe which would be a perfect addition to any Halloween Charcuterie Board. You can also grab some plastic spiders from the dollar store and scatter them around the board for an added spooky feel. Just remember to wash them in warm soapy water before placing them on top of any food. 

6. Indulge in Halloween Themed Cocktails

Curl up on your couch with cocktail in hand, turn on the fireplace and get ready to settle in to watch some Halloween thrillers. Here’s a link to Country Living’s fa-boo-lous Halloween cocktails. If mixing a cocktail sounds like too much work, pour yourself a glass of blood (whoops I meant wine) and you’re all set! Once you’ve got your drink move onto the next item on our list and say “Pass the popcorn”!

7. Have a Halloween Movie Marathon

You literally could have a Halloween movie marathon and watch Michael Myers try to murder his sister over and over again. Personally, I’m more of a Hocus Pocus girl and am a fan of lighter Halloween movies. Whatever your taste, turn on one of your many subscription networks (Netflix, Prime, Disney+) and you’ll be sure to find a Halloween or Scary Movie category which will be sure to make picking a movie a breeze!