How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

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Wondering how best to transition your wardrobe from spring to winter? Here in Toronto spring is upon us and we have been experiencing the most beautiful weather. Temperatures have been above 20ºC, the sun is shining and it may have you itching to take a walk outside. Although this may not be on the forefront of your mind, you may have briefly pondered what to wear now that we have this perfect spring weather. Are you prepared? Is your closet? It’s time for a winter to spring wardrobe transition, and now is the perfect time to do it.

Let’s remove the bulky weight of winter items from our wardrobes. In this post I discuss the fundamentals of switching over your wardrobe from winter to spring.


The very first step is to take clothes out of your wardrobe. This may sound like a lot of work, and it can be. The truth of the matter is that if your closet has become a bit untidy or disorganized, this is your chance to rectify the matter. If you happen to be a bit of an organizational guru, you may be able to skip to the next step. For most, I do highly recommend beginning here.

Simply put, remove all items from your wardrobe to begin with a clean slate. Personally, I like to move through my entire wardrobe in sections. What I mean by this is that I may start with a drawer and Review then Edit before moving to the next drawer and beginning the process again. By moving through each drawer and closet in these ‘sections’ I find it helps to keep the process organized and there is less of a chance becoming overwhelmed. Another positive of using this method to transition your wardrobe is that it allows you to complete the task overtime instead of in one interval.

TIP: When removing items from your wardrobe or closet, take the opportunity to vacuum, dust and wipe down all surfaces for a bit spring cleaning!


If you’re a fan of The Home Edit then you may already be familiar with this step. It’s time to edit out the items that you know you no longer wear. When reviewing your clothes, remove the clothing from your drawers or closet and sort them into three piles.

  • Keep: these are the items you will continue to wear into the Spring and Summer months, simply fold them neatly and place them back into their drawer. 
  • Donate: choose items you no longer wear and wish to donate and place them in a bag that can later be brought to your local clothing donation centre.
  • Store: these are the pieces of clothing that you wish to keep, but will not be wearing during the Spring and Summer and will need to be stored. 

Should there be an item, or a few, that you’re uncertain about, there is no harm in storing it until next season. A word of caution here, do try not to go overboard. If you find it hard to choose items to donate, a good rule of thumb is the 2 year rule. 

The 2 Year Rule: If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in over two years, it is time to say goodbye.

TIP: If you have valuable pieces, or pieces that are in very good condition, you may also consider selling. There are a wide variety of options from consignment stores, Facebook Market Place and even PoshMark. 


Once the editing stage is complete, you will be left with a clean wardrobe and a pile of clothes that are too heavy for spring and summer. Pack these clothes to store for the season. If you have storage room and prefer to hang your clothes, you can opt to purchase a portable clothing rack to neatly hang your winter items and store them away. No matter where you choose to store your portable clothing rack, you will want to keep your items fresh and free from moths and dust. I recommend these space saving hangers and these garment bags.

If short on space, another solution to consider is choosing storage bins and using vacuum compression bags for your clothing. This solution enables you to optimize on your space while still allowing you to transition your wardrobe for spring. 

If you regularly transition your wardrobe each season you won’t want to forget the fun part of adding in your seasonal attire to your freshly cleaned closet. Let me know in the comments if you plan to transition your wardrobe this spring, or if you’ve done it already. I’ve already started on mine!