Kitchen Organization Essentials

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Kitchen Organization
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The kitchen truly is the heart of the home. At the very least it’s where I spend the majority of time in my own home! It’s the room where everyone seems to congregate whether preparing a meal, working at the island, or eating appetizers. And so, in this post we’re giving the kitchen a little well deserved TLC and focusing our attention on the very best kitchen organization essentials. 

I know I can’t be the the only one who experiences the struggle of keeping kitchen drawers and cupboards tidy. It sometimes feels like I’ve just finished organizing and within days the drawers are in disarray yet again! A key focus of mine has always been how to best utilize each space, which has been so important with condo living. I’ve looked at each of these small, individual spaces and have slowly found creative ways of organizing to make all of our items easily accessible in a way where it stays tidy… for the most part. 

This post focuses on amazing kitchen essentials that will make your space both beautiful and functional. Best of all, these items are all available on Amazon so you can be sure they’ll be at your door in 2 days with Prime Shipping. Read on below for the top kitchen organization essentials for kitchen drawers and cupboards.

Top Cupboard Organization

No matter the size of your home there is nothing worse than wasted space especially if it’s vertical! The next time you’re in your kitchen, open one of your cupboards and look at the negative space (the empty space being filled by nothing but air). Have you ever noticed those extra few inches of space before? Enter, cabinet shelf organizers

I like to use these cabinet shelf organizers for my coffee mugs. As Marie Kondo once said, “Now imagine yourself living in a space that contains only things that spark joy. Isn’t this the lifestyle you dream of?”. The cupboard as seen in the photo above, sparks joy every time I open it. Seeing everything in its place, looking nothing short of magazine worthy, brings me JOY! Then again, I could just be happy knowing I’ll soon have my morning coffee, but I digress. These two shelves can be nested (like mine), stacked, placed side-by-side or even in an L-shape! SONGMICS, the company that sells these organization systems, also makes a three-tired cabinet shelf organizer.

This three-tired cabinet shelf organizer is advertised as being an extendable spice-rack holder, and it really would look stunning on a countertop. With a shelf width of 3 inches I personally ordered my own for our kitchen cupboard to hold pantry items. It makes a world of difference in the amount of items I’m able to contain in my kitchen cupboard and has saved me quite a few trips to the pantry!

Kitchen Drawer Organization

I love kitchen drawer organizers. In recent years there have been so many improvements to the types of organizers that have become available on the market. You can find beautiful options that have a range of different materials and sizes. Best of all, there are options for every price range! Here, I’ll share my favourites that I have personally purchased and tested. 

Silverware Drawer Organizer

As shown in the photo above, I used this beautiful bamboo expandable silverware organizer in my kitchen. The two things I love most about this drawer organizer is that (1) it’s expandable and fits a range of different size drawers, and (2) it lifts out easily so you can wipe down your drawer to keep it clean. This drawer organizer is large enough to fit all our silverware and serving utensils. 

Spice Drawer Insert

Before writing this post I had yet to invest in a spice drawer insert. For the longest time I only kept 7 spices in my kitchen. All of my other spices were neatly put away in my pantry and only came out when necessary. 

A spice drawer seemed expensive! Well, I couldn’t very well write a post on the best kitchen organization essentials without touching on a spice drawer insert. And so, I finally found my excuse to get one! Of course, you can’t just buy a spice drawer insert, you also need the spice jars and very aesthetically pleasing labels. Creating a beautiful spice drawer is an investment, but one that will last for years to come. See above for a photo of my drawer. I ended up with a dual purpose drawer and now I have a spice/tea drawer which happily lives right next to my stove. 

Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers allow you to sort and organize your items. If you have those wide drawers you know that they can easily become junk drawers with everything haphazardly thrown into them. I have these bamboo large drawer dividers in my kitchen and love how one drawer easily transforms into multiple spaces. One of my favourites lives in my kitchen island, as seen above, where I’ve organized based on material. 

Lower Cupboard & Under Sink Organization

The space under your sink can be scary. It quickly accumulates spills, holds trash, recycling and a green bin and should be cleaned regularly. When I was devising a plan on how to best utilize this space there was one thing I was sure of, I wanted to be able to clean this space easily. I chose this roll out under-sink cabinet organizer and I’ve been so pleased with how it’s turned out. 

This under-sink organizer rolls out so I can clean underneath it and utilizes the entire space. On the lower shelf I keep a storage basket that holds my daily recycling as well as my green bin. There is room behind the green bin to hold additional items. I like to keep extra dish soap, Finish Jet Dry and Lysol wipes. While my top rack holds items such as my dishwasher pods, extra sponges, and dishwashing gloves.  The other side of my under-sink cabinet houses my trash can and garbage bags. 

While under-sink organization is a special place, other lower cupboards can house a variety of different household items ranging from cleaners, pet supplies and non-perishables. I like to keep the remainder of my lower cupboards organized with storage bins. I love the acrylic ones since you can easily see everything that’s stored inside without needing to pull it out!

This wraps up our post on amazing kitchen essentials. Of course there are dozens more items that I use to organize my pantry and other areas of my home, but that will need to be saved for another day and another post. I’d love to know what you absolutely can’t live without in your kitchen! Leave a comment below to share how you keep your space beautiful and organized.