Perfecting The Hair Wash Routine

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Want to know a secret about my hair wash routine? I only wash my hair every 4 – 5 days. Now I’m sure after reading that you will fit into one of three categories. (1) You’re completely grossed out, (2) you 100% understand, or (3) you want to know how I do it. If you find yourself in the second or third category this post is for you! Below you’ll find the causes of greasy hair, how often you should wash your hair and some dirty hair tips and tricks.

Before I begin, I feel the need to clarify a couple of vitally important details. Firstly, I still bathe every day I usually just wear a cute shower cap like this one. Secondly, I am not a hair care professional and although this post was carefully researched if you are having trouble finding the perfect hair wash routine I suggest you speak with your hair stylist. 

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The Culprits of Greasy Hair

Ever wonder what exactly causes your hair to become greasy? There’s no one reason, and in the realm of hair care it seems that there is never a one size fits all. Let’s take a look at some of the root causes (pun definitely intended). 

Washing Too Frequently

Your body is smart! Your scalp produces sebum as a way to nourish, protect and hydrate your strands.  Washing your hair too frequently may trick your body into believing that it requires more sebum to replenish the oils that shampoo cleans away.

Brushing Too Frequently

The act of brushing your hair stimulates the production of sebum on your scalp. Contrary to what your grandmother might have said, you do not actually need to brush your hair 1000 times before going to bed.

Touching Your Hair

Your fingertips produce natural oils. Playing with your hair distributes even more grease to your locks, along with whatever other dirt was living on your hands. Try to avoid touching your hair whenever possible (and your face too while you’re at it). 


You are what you eat! It’s common knowledge that what you eat may affect your skin, but did you know that it can also affect your hair? Eating fried, over processed, sugary foods may have a negative effect on the cleanliness and health of your hair. Choose a diet rich with vitamins B, zinc and omegas.

Using the Wrong Products

You may not be using the right products for your hair, or you could be using the products incorrectly. In either case, this can actually cause more harm than good! It is so important to use the right products for your hair type and also to use them correctly. Always be sure to read and follow the label.

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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

There are a few reasons as to why I limit how often I wash my hair.

  1. I have a lot of hair and it’s thick, for this reason alone I don’t need to wash my hair everyday.
  2. When I do wash my hair it can be extremely time consuming especially if I don’t have my Dyson. With a regular hair dryer and styling tools it can take upwards of a couple of hours from start to finish. 
  3. Lastly, I choose not to wash my hair every day because I truly believe it’s the healthiest option.

Shampoo’s are designed to clean your hair and scalp by removing the buildup of oil and product. If used too frequently you run a risk of damaging your hair by stripping away the natural oils, leaving your hair and scalp dry. Hair washing simply seems to be a balancing act! Washing my own hair every 4 – 5 days seems to be my sweet spot, but not everyone is the same. Below is a general guideline based on hair type that may help you find your own perfect routine.

Thin Hair

If you have thin, delicate hair you may benefit from washing your hair every other day. Allowing oil and dirt to build up on the scalp gives thin hair an even more limp appearance. Choose a shampoo that is specifically formulated for thin hair. Try Davines DEDE Shampoo or VOLU Shampoo which are delicate enough for thin hair and help lift roots while you cleanse. To add a bit more volume apply Liquid Spell before drying. Follow by drying hair upside down for extra lift.

Thick Hair

Thicker hair masks oil and dirt build up for a longer amount of time, extending the time between washes. For thick hair, try a wash schedule of 2 – 3 times a week. When looking for shampoos, choose a moisturizing one like Davines Oi Shampoo and mix in a clarifying shampoo like Davines SOLU about once to twice a month to remove impurities and product buildup. Depending on your hair texture, health and how oily or dry your hair is in general, you may need to adjust your products as necessary. If hair feels dry or over processed, try a more nourishing shampoo like Davines Replumping. Alternatively, you can also incorporate hair masks like Oi Butter or OLAPLEX No. 3 into your weekly routine. 

Curly, Textured or Extra Thick Hair

Hair that is extremely thick, curly or textured may only require a wash 1-2 times per week. For extra thick hair I still recommend Davines Oi Shampoo which leaves hair voluminous and soft. For curly hair, try the Love Curl Shampoo which is specifically formulated to give more elasticity to curly and wavy hair. To remove the buildup of dirt and product, remember to mix in a clarifying shampoo like SOLU about once a month or as necessary.

Finding your own routine requires a little trial and error and a lot of patience! While you find what works best for you, try the dirty hair tips and tricks below on your non-wash days.

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Dirty Hair Tips & Tricks

Limit the use of hair products

You don’t need to cut out using products all together. Some products are important especially if using heat to dry and style your hair. Remember that a little goes a long way. A small amount of moose will help to lift roots. A spritz of hair spray can help to control frizz. Try your best not to overdo it with product as this can cause your hair to become more greasy.  

Dry Shampoo

After trying my fair share of different brands of dry shampoo I’ve found you get what you pay for. While drugstore brands get the job done, there is simply no comparison to a luxury dry shampoo. The star product, Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo. This product lifts roots, add texture and smells amazing! The added texture allows you to easily style your hair and extend your wash for another day (or two!). 
TIP: Make dry shampoo a part of your bedtime routine. Since dry shampoo needs time to absorb dirt and excess oil, allowing it time to work will do wonders. I like to spray my hands with dry shampoo and massage the product into my roots with my fingertips. Following this I clip my hair into a half-up position with the top portion of hair lifted as high as possible (think cone head fashion). I let my hair stay like this in the evening for a few hours before I go to sleep. In the morning I wake up with renewed volume.  

Wash Your Bangs

Wash bangs, or a small front portion of your hair by giving it a quick wash with shampoo in your bathroom sink, follow by drying with a round brush. 

Switch Your Part

An easy way to hide dirt and grease is to change where you part your hair. Not only will doing this show clean hair, it will also give your hair lift and a new look! If you usually part your hair on the right, switch to the left and vice versa. In the photos shown here, I hadn’t washed my hair in 4 days! 

Style it!

Usually a day before my next wash I’ll style my hair as a way of hiding the grease. This is always a fun day because I get to be creative, and since my hair is greasy it’s so easy to style. I like to switch between braids, up-dos, buns and pony tails. Another fun part of styling is adding clips, decorative bobby-pins, scarfs, scrunchies or headbands. If you’re in a pinch, just throw on a cute baseball cap or a sun hat in the summer. 
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There you have it, everything you need for understanding greasy hair, perfecting your hair wash routine and dirty hair tips and tricks. Over the years I have taken such an interest in maintaining my own tresses, and with the help of my hair stylists I’ve found products that work. The products suggested in this post are luxury hair brands that have come recommended by my own stylists at Meadowvale Hair Salon. These are the products I use, love and trust. If you have any holy grail hair products, or tips and tricks for hiding dirt and grease leave a comment below, I’d love to know.