Valentine’s Day Gifts for School Friends

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Nursery School Friends

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. As parents we are encouraged to send our children to school with Valentine’s Day treats, but being new to this, my experiences are limited. I’d like to think I’ve done well so far in my journey of sending treats off to school. In fact, I’m especially proud of my Halloween gift. Nursery school friends each received a jar of play-doh, a chocolate and stickers. The gifts I’ve put together are never fancy or over-priced. In fact, these gifts often come from the Dollar Store and I’ll stress, it’s what we can afford to give. But, as long as we’re giving I’d like it to be something that can be used rather than something that will go straight into the trash. 

I say this because some of the gifts we’ve received have sadly gone straight to the bin. So, consider this my PSA to parents: AVOID THE JUNKY PARTY FAVOURS. My saying this is not meant to shame, nor guilt. And, I am most definitely not looking down on anyone. Personally, I don’t do anything halfheartedly. I believe if we’re putting in the effort that we may as well go all in with the creative ability I know we all have. 

Now that we’ve gotten what not to do out of the way, this post is on how to put together party favours for Nursery School Friends this Valentine’s Day. Ready to be Pinterest worthy on a budget?

Things to Know

  • No. of Children: 16
  • Age Range: 2-3
  • Total Spend: $65
  • Average cost per child: $4.06
Valentine's Day Gifts for Nursery School Friends

Where to Get Started

Am I the only one who feels that getting started is often the most difficult part of any task? A motto I bring with me into almost any project I’ tackle, whether it organizing, writing a post, or putting together Valentine’s Day gifts for Georgia’s Nursery School is to start somewhere. Many of us tend to follow a mindset that we need to start at the beginning, but this isn’t always necessarily the way things are accomplished. So, here are the steps I take to get the job done:

Step 1: Idea Generation

Because we’re all busy parents, and in the essence of saving time, you’ll need to start with some good old fashion research. On your phone, tablet or laptop use your friends Google, Pinterest or even ChatGPT to stimulate some ideas. If searching Google or Pinterest you’ll need to use some keywords and I promise some hot Mommy Blogger articles will show up, but beware that a lot of these ideas will require printables or a bit more crafting than what you might want to do. 

What you’ll find on my blog is gifts and ideas that look great, and require little effort.

At this point you should not be committed to any specific idea, but you should have a variety of possibilities of something you can put together. A good rule of thumb is to try to think of a simple craft or activity for kids. The next step is to gather your supplies. 

Step 2: Shopping

It’s now time to stock up on your supplies by heading over to your local Dollar Store/Craft Store. I picked up the cute Valentines Day gift bags and Valentine’s Cards at Marshall’s and the rest of the gift was purchased at the Dollar Store. When putting together a gift I tend to walk up and down the aisles and start tossing things into the buggy. This year, I purchased each child crayons, decorative hearts and stickers. The idea here is that each child can make a Valentine for someone they love. Now, not everyone will be able to put that together, so I wrote the instructions on the back of the card.
The hearts and stickers all came in large variety packs, and so this leads to step 3 – putting it all together. If you’re feeling extra ambitious as I was when I did this shopping, I doubled down and purchased the gifts we’ll be giving Georgia’s Class for Easter. The same steps apply!

Step 3: Valentine’s Day Gift Assembly 

One you have all of your materials, it is time to assemble your Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Nursery School Friends. I did a lot of this with Georgia as an activity and we had fun together. We also had a bit of a moment when it was time to finish, but alas distraction and a cookie can work wonders for the spirit of a toddler. 

Clear a space such as a countertop or table and layout all gift bags. Then begin to add the items to each bag. Don’t forget to sign your Valentine’s Day cards. That’s really all there is to it. 

Are you giving gifts to your child’s class room this year? Would love to hear from you if you are and what ideas you have! If you’re already looking ahead to Easter Gifts and wondering what to get for your toddler, check out past posts Easter Basket Stuffer for Babies and How to Build the Perfect Easter Gift Basket